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Native Instruments Discovery Series Middle East v1.0.1 UPDATE KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | July 20 2018 | 271 MB
Native Instruments has announced the release of Discovery Series: Middle East, a new addition to the line of Kontakt instruments that explores global musical cultures.

This instrument includes an extensive library of authentic instruments and patterns drawn from rich Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music traditions.

DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST includes 25 characteristic percussion, melodic, and string instruments, all captured in precise detail. With readily accessible sounds and scales plus customizable phrases and patterns, it enables composers to easily create traditional soundscapes or add unique textures to contemporary tracks.

DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST features a broad array of distinctive instruments drawn from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian traditions. The 14 percussion instruments range from goblet and frame drums to miniature kettle drums and finger cymbals. The melodic section comprises nine wind, zither, fiddle, and lute-like instruments, including an oud, ney, zurna, kemençe, kanun, tanbur, and three sizes of saz instruments. DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST also includes a string group of violins, viola, and cello recorded by a renowned ensemble from Istanbul.

The DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST interface makes it simple to find instruments and customize sounds. When working with melodic instruments, users can select editable phrases and choose from a variety of authentic scales. To build unique beats with percussion instruments, users can start with customizable patterns then fine-tune groove, feel, and dynamic intensity. Users can easily edit patterns and phrases within the interface or drag them to the host digital audio workstation as MIDI files for more in-depth customization. Instruments are available individually and as part of ensembles that include stylistically complementary sounds. With the ensembles, users can blend sounds via familiar mixing controls then polish with EQ, width, and compression.

DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST performance features are fully integrated into the acclaimed KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards. Users can see presets at a glance and preview sounds from the Native Browser. In addition, they can instantly access instrument parameters from control knobs. The Light Guide enables users to easily find notes in their selected scale and locate keys they can employ for ornamentation. Using a KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard with DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST creates an efficient, effortless workflow.


various fixes

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  Resident 22.10.2011 5 485
Thank you!!
  Member 6.03.2018 5
Somehow all my libraries but middle east dissapeared after the update
  Member 18.11.2017 1 129
the update should not effect any other library so that is strange. Look if the libraries are listed when you click manage libraries (see if the white square is turn off), also see if you're kontakt version has changed for some reason.
  Member 28.01.2018 1 133
When we're having problems, we must ALWAYS be very concise about our personal setup. Are you using Mac or PC? How old is your computer? What version of the OS are you using? What version of Kontakt are you using? What DAW are you using? What version is the DAW? Is the program you're having trouble with installed on your C: drive or an external drive?

We can't help you without all of the necessary information.
I wonder, is it me or this crumbling economy, but I received a Grammy and I STILL can't afford some of these damn plugins!!
  Resident 26.05.2012 10 734
Well Aesop... he never asked for help. He was just making a statement (to this point). He might be back and ask for help...
  Member 6.03.2018 5
Yea the error was on my end im prettysure. After re installing kontakt it worked fine!
  Resident 26.05.2012 10 734
The "Notes: various fixes" is extremely vague and doesn't warrant applying this update... certainly not without more information first!!!

Because I'm not having ANY issues with the original install...
  Resident 25.01.2012 1989
No issues here whatsoever on Mac HS. Works fine.

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